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React Routing

Routing and navigation solution
for JavaScript applications

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2017-10-30   |   v5.0.0 (changelog)   |   Join #universal-router chat room on Gitter to stay up to date

Universal Router

A simple middleware-style router that can be used in both client-side (e.g. React, Vue.js) and server-side applications (e.g. Node.js/Express, Koa).


✓ It has simple code with only single path-to-regexp dependency
✓ It can be used with any JavaScript framework such as React, Vue.js etc
✓ It uses the same middleware approach used in Express and Koa, making it easy to learn
✓ It supports both imperative and declarative routing style
✓ Routes are plain JavaScript objects with which you can interact as you like


Using npm:

$ npm install universal-router --save

Or using a CDN like with the following script tag:

<script src=""></script>

How does it look like?

import UniversalRouter from 'universal-router';

const routes = [
    path: '', // optional
    action: () => `<h1>Home</h1>`,
    path: '/posts',
    action: () => console.log('checking child routes for /posts'),
    children: [
        path: '', // optional, matches both "/posts" and "/posts/"
        action: () => `<h1>Posts</h1>`,
        path: '/:id',
        action: (context) => `<h1>Post #${}</h1>`,

const router = new UniversalRouter(routes);

router.resolve('/posts').then(html => {
  document.body.innerHTML = html; // renders: <h1>Posts</h1>

Play with an example on JSFiddle, CodePen, JS Bin in your browser or try RunKit node.js playground.


Browser Support

Universal Router supports all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer 9 and above with polyfills such as es6-shim for Map, Promise and Object.assign that must be included before any other code.

For compatibility with older browsers you may also need to include polyfills for Array.isArray and Object.create.

Books and Tutorials


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