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Getting Started

For better experience, make sure that you have npm v3+ installed. Start by cloning this repo and installing project dependencies:

$ git clone -o babel-starter-kit \
      -b master --single-branch \ \
$ cd <your-project-name>
$ npm install

Update your name in LICENSE.txt and project information in package.json and files. Write your code in src folder, write tests in test folder. Run npm run build to compile the source code into a distributable format. Write documentation in markdown format in docs folder. Run npm start to launch a development server with the documentation site.

Alternatively, start a new project with Yeoman:

$ npm install -g generator-javascript
$ mkdir <your-project-name>
$ cd <your-project-name>
$ yo javascript

How to Test

Run one, or a combination of the following commands to lint and test your code:

How to Update

Down the road you can fetch and merge the recent changes from this repo back into your project:

$ git checkout master
$ git fetch babel-starter-kit
$ git merge babel-starter-kit/master
$ npm install